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Ristorante Europa Cannero Riviera Lago Maggiore - Fish
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Europa Ristorante menu FISH


  • - Fried good from our market (1,2,4,14) * € 20,00
  • - Mixed grilled fish (2,4) * € 22,00
  • - Fish and chips of Lago Maggiore (Perch fillets, fried potatoes and pea cream with mint) (1,4,7) * € 16,00
  • - Sea bass roll, Confit tomatoes, land of capers and Taggiasche olives (4) ° € 16,00
  • - Salmon trout fillet with burnt herbs and savory crumble of black bread (1,4) ° € 16,00
Light Vegetariano - vegetarisch vegetarian - végétarien Vegano

* Alcune nostre ricette contengono alimenti surgelati (frozen)
° Trattato con abbattitore di temperature (Blast chiller)

Please inform our staff with regards to any allergy or food intolerance

ALLERGENI allergenic ingredients (1) Cereali contenenti glutine e prodotti derivati /Cereals containing gluten and, their derivative strains and by-products. (2) Crostacei e prodotti a base di crostacei e loro derivati /Crustaceans and products based on shellfish. (3) Uova e prodotti a base di uova Eggs and by- products (4) Pesce e prodotti a base di pesce /Fish and products based on fish (5) Arachidi e prodotti a base di arachidi /Peanuts and peanuts based products (6) Soia e prodotti a base di soia /Soy and soy-based products (7) Latte e prodotti a base di latte (incluso lattosio) /Milk and dairy products (lactose included) (8) Frutta a guscio /Fruits in shell, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew, pecan, brazil, pistachios and their by-products. (9) Sedano e prodotti a base di sedano /Celery and products based on celery (10) Senape e prodotti a base di senape /Mustard and products based on mustard (11) Semi di sesamo e prodotti a base di semi di sesamo /Sesame seeds and sesame seeds-based products (12) Anidride solforosa e solfiti Sulphur dioxide and sulphites. (13) Lupini e prodotti a base di lupini /Lupine and lupine based products (14) Molluschi e prodotti a base di molluschi /Molluscs and products based on molluscs.